Juelz Santana man

I mean I’m drownin’ you niggas out there
I swear

Ay You niggas know me
I mean the pictures gettin clearer and clearer baby

Oh yeah holla atcha boy
You niggas know me

Album coming soon What the Game’s Been Missing
I mean I’m just gettin comfortable baby

You know what it is
I’m the most incredible yes to ever do this here
You’ll never do this here I’ll forever do this yeah

Santana man you bandana
Damn you wrapped around a cannon handle

So sicker so swiffer I just won’t give up
Till my clock stop tick-a-tick-a-tickin’ nigga

Rap is my duty I’m back to my duty
So supplying the streets with crack is my duty

I will not fail I will be chopped scaled
Sold used Glock bail

I will be everything that these rappers are not
Hard hot real stop chill

Don’t confuse it stupid
Look around Dipset we the only movement movin’

Watch you creeps play out before the beat play out
Here’s a brief layout

My aim is to blow I can’t be contained or controlled
It’s comin’ through my veins like it’s dope

I live to have it
I’m itchin’ twitchin’ I need it I can’t kick the habit

And just because I’m focused on rap
Don’t be focused on that I’m always loaded and strapped

So you bustas ain’t fuckin’ safe
I’m still man handlin’ that fuckin’ 8

Hahah aww man

I see it’s gettin’ real dark for you niggas out there man
The clouds is really startin’ to come over you niggas man

I swear to God Juelz Santana More Crack
Look forward to the future

Ay! You niggas know me!



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